We are always looking for some good volunteer help!   We would love to see more volunteers at our meetings and we would like to form various committees to alleviate some of the volunteer hours for the help we already have.  There are various ways you can help:  come to meetings, volunteer to be on the board of directors, work at our year Fun Night, and many other opportunities.

We are also looking for someone to help keep our website up to date.  You do not have to attend meetings to do this job.  If you are somewhat "computer savy" please contact one of our board members or email us at BCNDollarsforScholars@gmail.com and we will let you know what is involved in the job.  

Click below to log into the ChapterNet Administrative Area, where you can manage your contacts, scholarships and website. If you have not signed up as a ChapterNet user, please click the Chapter Contact link above to contact a volunteer administrator and get started.