REMINDER:  DFS Fun Night is March 27th, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. at BCN



Congratulations to the 2019

Barnes County North Dollars for Scholars Recipients!





NAMED SCHOLARSHIPS are given for donations of $250 or more.   

Listed below are the 2018-2019 Named Scholarship Providers for Graduating Seniors AND Returning College Students!



Christ Family Memorial

Kermit & Enid Harstad Memorial         Dacotah Bank

Jack Egan Family                         Cass County Electric  

Jon Klein Memorial                       Ethan Guscette Memorial

Wendy Sodawasser Memorial             ND Dollars for Scholars

Don & Phyllis Schlecht Family Memorial  

BCN Faculty                               BCN Student Council

BCN Graduating Seniors                  BCN Dollars for Scholars

Jim Van Oosting Memorial